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If you’re looking to restore and renew your soil with an organic, effective solution, trust D R Fish Fertilizer Company to assist you. We provide a bevy of products designed to reinvigorate your Hotchkiss, Delta, Crawford, or Paonia, CO soil and improve your yield, while also balancing pH and maximizing your return on investment. For more information about any of the organic soil fertilizers, hemp, or hay we offer or to inquire about soil biology and formulations, please contact us via the form below.


Drammatic “ONE” 4-4-.5

Gallons Price/Gal Total
1 $13.15 $13.15
5 $12.60 $63.00
10 $12.45 $124.50
25 $11.90 $297.00
30 $11.60 $348.00
55 $8.50 $467.50
Over 1,000 $8.10 $8,100 and up

*Price increase due to the 17-25% recent increase in shipping costs.

Biological Products

  • Tainio products: Visit Tainio or call for pricing.
  • SP-1: $4.84/gallon
  • Residuce: Water soluble $90/lb=10 acres
  • AgriEnergy: Visit AgriEnergy or call for pricing.

Soil Amendments

    • Potassium Sulfate: 50lb bag, $37.50 or $0.75/lb
    • Calcium Phosphate: 50lb bag, $32.50 or $0.65/lb
    • Gypsum 97% calcium 50lb bag: $22.50 or $0.45/lb

  • Tiger 90 Organic Sulfur 50lb bag: $35.00 or $0.70/lb

Humates for Trace Elements

  • Less than 30lb: $2.25/lb
  • 30lb bag: $67.50

Dry Nitrogen Fertilizer

  • 16-0-0 Allganic: 50lb bag, $44.50 or $0.89/lb

Prices may vary depending on shipping costs.

Fertilizer General Rules of Thumb

hay rowFish Fertilizer: 3-4 gallons/acre, 3-4 times/year.
Humate for Trace Elements (most bang for your buck): 3-4 lbs/acre, 3-4 times/year to rebuild depleted soil and when trace elements return to average apply 1.5-3 lbs/acre/year depending on crop.
Nitrogen: Peas, beans, onions, garlic, and potatoes don’t need much nitrogen but grasses, corn, small grains, green vegetables need more.
Hayfield example: 4 gallons/acre, 3 times/year, application rates may vary based on stress by heat or lack of water. Generally apply the 3rd or 4th gallons after each cut.