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Why we use Certified Organic and NOP fertilizers

When we purchased our farm on Colorado's western slope in 1992, our farm was like most ranches and farms in the region, "just plain wore out." Hay was cut each year and cows turned back on it till the snow covered the ground. Manure was harrowed in, lots of N-P-K added annually and the cycle started over. This had been going on for approximately 50 years!

alfalfa grass growingWhen we tried to raise "horse hay" — alfalfa-grass hay — we were lucky to harvest .5 ton per acre per cut, now we harvest 1.5 tons, three times as much per cut. The soil samples we first took showed that our soils had nothing left for the next season's growth cycle. Commercial fertilizer recommendations were for hundreds of pounds per acre of NPK, and 5-7-10 pounds per acre of trace elements, just to keep things growing.

We became biological farmers who manage our soil microbiology for better crops and produce. Our harvest has increased dramatically and just keeps getting better! Our neighbors looked over the fence at our hay field the first year we applied Liquid Fish and immediately wanted the same stuff for their fields!

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Our primary customer base is for horses and field is 70% grass, 30% alfalfa. We try to keep our crude protein below 18% with averages 14%-18%. Some of our hay has tested at 21%. These past few years our TDN (total digestible nutrients) has come up to 78.4% and 161-202 relative feed value. Trace elements are well above average.

Biological products!

Based on our knowledge of Building Soils for Better Crops DR Fish Fertilizer Company will carry biological products from Tainio Technology Technique Inc. Tainio is a family run business established in 1985 by Bruce Tainio. For almost thirty years they have successfully helped growers throughout the United States and the world to produce healthy, high yielding crops. See more about Tainio and all our biological products here. >>

Dream Ranch hay field

DR Fish Fertilizer is a proud member of the Valley Organic Growers Association and supports VOGA's mission to promote sustainable agriculture in Western Colorado.

We do not ship our products or supply containers. You must bring your own containers and pickup at our site.